Eggplant Pickle

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Eggplant Pickle - Torshi-e-Bademjan
Eggplant Pickle - Torshi-e-Bademjan

Torshi is one of the accompaniments on most Iranian tables served alongside the main dish. Persian style Torshi is mostly made with vinegar. 'Torsh' in Farsi means 'Sour' hence the name Torshi.

There are many variations of Torshi in Iran, this is one of my favourites, the other well known Torshi is Torshi-e-Liteh which has many finely chopped vegetables, herbs and spices.

Makes enough for a 1 litre jar of pickle


2 eggplants

600ml malt vinegar

1tsp salt

1 tbsp dry mint

1 tsp dry parsley

1/4 tsp dry coriander 1 tsp nigella seeds

1 tbsp ground hog weed

1 tsp dry dill

5 cloves of garlic

chilli pepper (optional)


Step 1

  • Wash and dry the eggplants (do not peel the skin)

  • Chop the eggplants into 2cm / 3 cm pieces

  • Put in a medium sized pan

  • Add the vinegar

  • Place on medium heat and allow to come to the boil

  • Once the bubbles start appearing reduce the heat to low

Step 2

  • Add the herbs and spices

  • Add the chilli pepper and garlic cloves

  • Stir all the ingredients together

  • Allow the Torshi to slowly cook on a low heat for 20 minutes

Step 3

  • After 20 minutes remove from the heat

  • Set aside and allow to completely cool

  • Place in clean dry jars

This Torshi is ready to eat, but it's best to keep aside for a couple of weeks so that the flavours of the herbs and spices work their magic on the eggplant! :)

Noosh-e-Jaan. Happy eating. 😁

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