Tart Tatin Crumble!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Tart Tatin Crumble

I've always loved apple crumble, my first memories of apple crumble was making it during home economics class at school. We had an old cooking apple tree in the back garden and once I'd got the hang of making it at school, then there was no looking back... My daughter however, loves apple pie! Who to please?!

So that's when I got the bright idea of Tart Tatin Crumble, you have the apples, the pastry and the crumble with hints of cinnamon and cardamom to marry in the flavours of Persia. Everyone's happy :)


For the apple base

1/2 cup golden granulated sugar

1/3 cup margarine / butter

1/4 tsp ground cardamom

3 peeled and cut apples

For the pastry

175g plain flour

25g caster sugar

100g margarine / butter

1 large egg

For the crumble

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp cardamom

1 1/2 cup plain flour

1/4 cup caster sugar

1/4 cup brown granulated sugar

1 1/2 tbsp margarine / butter


Step 1

For the apple base

  • On a medium heat melt the butter and sugar in a frying pan (my pan had steal handles so I could place it in the over later to bake the pastry)

  • Once the sugar and butter have melted keep on medium heat for 10 minutes

  • Peel the apples and chop into half moons

  • Place the apples neatly in the pan taking care not to burn yourself

  • Keep on medium heat for 10 mins and then remove

Step 2

For the pastry

  • In a pan melt the margarine / butter over low heat

  • Add the sugar and wait until it dissolves

  • Mix into the flour

  • Add the egg and bring the flour mixture together

  • Place the pastry into a plastic freezer bag and chill in the fridge for 20 mins

Step 3

For the crumble

  • In a bowl place all the dry ingredients

  • Mix well

  • Add the margarine / butter and using the tip of your fingers work it into the flour until it forms crumbles

  • Place on an oven tray and bake in the oven for 15 mins or until slightly light brown in colour

  • Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before breaking the crumble with your fingers

Step 4

  • Remove the pastry from the fridge

  • Flour the pastry board

  • Roll the pastry out to fit the size of your pan

  • Pick the pastry up (you can use your rolling pin to do this) and place over the apples, the pastry is crumbly so take care when picking it up

  • Bake in the oven at 220 °C (Gas Mark 7) for 20/25 minutes or until golden brown

Once baked remove from the oven and allow to rest for 10 minutes

Flip the pan over to reveal the lovely gooey apples. You can either sprinkle the crumble over the tart or garnish it around the Tart Tatin like in the picture.

Enjoy with coffee or lovely tea. Bon Appetit or Noosh-e-Jaan :)

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